Scarless Breast Augmentation

The Scarless Breast Augmentation has been repackaged and renewed and we have been doing this for a long time. Obviously there is a Scar but the scar is not on or around the Breast region. The old name for this procedure was Trans Axillary approach and as the name suggests the scar is in the arm pit. The down side of this approach is the retrievability of the Implant at a later date through this approach. Also saline implants are easier to place via this approach as opposed to the latest and most preferred USFDA approved Cohesive gel Implant. These feel a lot more natural to touch as well.

Additionally, particularly Indian woman may Scar more and this may prove to be more annoying in your arms pit than under the breast. However this approach is an option for woman if they so desire. Our preferred approach is Infra mammary (under the Breast) as it makes the most sense for placement of implants and Scars.

Scarless Butt Augmentation

Scarless Butt Augmentation is a unique procedure which has been custom designed for Indian women by Dr. Mohan Thomas. We called it the "Indian Butt Lift" designed on the basis of Skin Pigmentation and Scaring issues. The Scars are generally two in number and measures a few mm each placed very low in the bikini line. There is very little "down time" and uses ones tissues. It requires a great deal of Artistry and results are operator depended. Bad out comes are difficult to correct and therefore your first choice should be the best and only choice.

The other option is obviously a But Implant but the "down time" is greater and you end up with a longer Scar. Some patients may actually require a butt lift however this determination can only be made after a proper static and dynamic clinical examination.

Selection of appropriate procedure is individualized. Both these surgeries can be done by key – hole methods. Within a year of surgery, massive weight loss is expected. This could lead to loose skin in many areas, which can be treated effectively by cosmetic surgery.

Please refer to the service “body contouring after massive weight loss” for more details regarding the cosmetic correction.

So if you are looking to get a Scarless Breast and Butt Augmentation in India then your best option is Cosmetic Surgery Institute at India. You may visit our centers in Mumbai and Goa for a consultation on procedures for Scarless Breast and Butt Augmentation Surgery by our expert cosmetic surgeons.

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