Dark circles are a common and difficult to treat condition. They contribute to a tired and worn out appearance of an individual. As a person ages, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner, leading to prominence of dark circles.

Why do dark circles occur?

It is important to know the underlying cause of darkness around the eyes:

1. Under-eye circles are created when red blood cells leak from capillaries in the eye area, releasing hemoglobin when they explode in the nearby tissue. The iron-rich hemoglobin degrades into the yellow pigment—bilirubin—as well as other various colored pigments, resulting in a bruised appearance to the skin under the eyes and sometimes on the eyelids

2. Other primary causes—stress, genetics, allergies and a lack of sleep are believed to be the key triggers.

Is there a solution?

At the Cosmetic surgery institute we are delighted to offer you a host of solutions to get rid of your dark circles. These are surgical as well as non- surgical treatments.

Non- surgical

Chemical peels
Fractora- a revolutionary new treatment!!!
Fillers for enhancement and volume loss

Surgical- improvement of the area using your own fat. This procedure helps to accentuate one’s eyes causing neoangiogenesis and increase in volume of the tissues because of which the skin around the eyes regain its natural luster, volume and radiance.

How many sittings are required in non-surgical treatment?

Depending on the pigment deposition and thickness of skin anywhere between 5-8 sessions are required for optimum results.

At the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, not only will your problem be treated but also sleep advice and daily stress handling will be advocated to combat reappearance of dark circles.