Male breast enlargement is a common problem which affects approximately 10 percent of the male population. There are various causes to male breast enlargement and these should be ruled out by an experienced medical personnel. Various medications, hormonal imbalances and pathological conditions may cause male breast enlargement and these should be curbed prior to going ahead with surgery. Depending on the amount of extra breast tissue and accompanying skin the surgical procedure is designed. A great majority of male breast enlargements can be treated with liposuction alone with the advent of newer modalities in liposuction such as ultrasound assisted and laser assisted liposuction. In the era before these technological developments the breast tissue was removed surgically by placing an incision around the nipple areolar complex. However if not performed properly, this technique leaves behimd an unsightly deformity in the male chest in the form of a deep saucer or a crevice. This becomes more visible when the muscle underneath contracts. This leads to a great socially embarrassing situation particularly in our country where males are required to bear the chest for religious rituals. Similar deformity also occurs if liposuction has not been done evenly over the breast. All these deformities can be tackled by putting in extra fat in to the depressed areas from the buttock or the abdomen. These are day care procedures and have a considerably low downtime allowing you to return to work over a weekend.

Such deformities need very customized and sophisticated procedures to address the defects. These defects which due more pronounced in the dynamic state require tissues to be transferred from distant sites so as to achieve a more normal looking male chest.

Breast reconstruction after cancer ablation surgery can be done simultaneously during the breast cancer surgery or can be delayed till the cancer treatment is over. People of any age can go for this procedure as symmetry of the upper body helps ladies to get over the mental trauma caused by the absence of the breast and helps them to cope with such loss.

Cosmetic Surgery Institute for the first time offers simultaneous breast reconstruction after cancer surgery and also breast reconstruction required for people with absence of breast since birth.

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