Hands apart from the face are the most exposed part of our body and are our second window to the world only after the eyes. Not to mention the window is two sided, the world notices you through your hands as much as through the eyes. Being always exposed to the harsh climate and working forces the wear and tear of hand skin does occur thereby causing the age related changes to manifest in hands as well, as they are in the face. Facial rejuvenation is an established standard, and now with better understanding of hand dynamics and aesthetics a new frontier of hand rejuvenation surgery has come up.

The common aging changes that along with harsh climatic exposures that occur over the hands includechanges that involve the skin and nails. The nails happen to loose their sheen and become ridged. The skin becomes loose and lax leading to wrinkle formation. The effect of ultraviolet rays leads to formation of lentigenes which disturbs the overall pigmentation and illusionary texture of the hand. The loosened skin and atrophied subcutaneous fat leads to valleys between the fingers showing up the bones, tendons and veins over the hand more so over the dorsal aspect of the hand. There are now goal directed treatment approaches to each of these problems.

The hollowed up back of the hand with increased tendon show can be rejuvenated with fillers like hyaluronic acid. Products of specific density are available for this purpose. The hollows are filled up with fillers and the effect lasts for duration of 6-8 months, varying from person to person. The fillers also eliminate skin wrinkles present on the back of hand which make you look more for your age. A permanent solution to these hollows in one's own fat. The fat is harvested and after processing is used to fill up the hollowed up spaces to establish a smooth and aesthetic contour. The excess hair on the back of the hands particularly over the fingers is an embarrassing situation. These hairs and pigmentary changes in the back of hand can be treated with a laser or intense pulse light treatment. The laser acts on the specific pigment in the hairs and the lentigenes. Also light chemical peel ormicrodermbrasion serves a similar purpose by removing the superficial layer of dead skin and therebyallowing new epidermal layer to come up and at the same time allowing for collagen remodeling to result in a smooth textured skin. A regular use of moisturizers and sunscreens is mandatory to prevent appearance of new age spots. Small veins may be visible as unsightly blue threadsin fairskinned particularly. These thread veins can be treated with microscleortherapy, in which these veins are obliterated by injection of sclerosants.

Given the fact that hands are functional organs, any temporary makeup to cover up the age or climate changes over the hand are likely to show up within hours. This spectrum of rejuvenation techniques give you beautiful hands to long for.

Procedures recommended
For Volume replacement - Fillers

Fat Grafting with stem cells – More permanent

For Volume replacement - Fillers

Chemical Peels
Microscler therapy

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