The Cosmetic Surgery Institute is proud to be associated with JCI certified Medical Centre's. We could carry out surgeries in these hospitals if you so wish.

HIGH-QUALITY SURGERY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES: Are you excited about the possibilities but concerned about the cost? How much does it cost? Less than you might think. Advances and refinements in medical technologies have helped to keep the price of cosmetic surgery down even while the sophistication and the quality have gone up.

At Cosmetic Surgery Institute we pride ourselves in offering the finest cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. One of the main reasons we are able to offer better prices is because we operate out of our dedicated Cosmetic Surgery Institute. We are a Center of Excellence.


All patients can be assured about their privacy being protected. We have strict policy of maintaining confidentiality- “No tell”.


All consultations are conducted by prior appointment only. Please reach our office at least 15 minutes prior to the appointed time.

Payment of fees

We are a private limited company and ensure transparency and fairness. All the fees are standardized and therefore non-negotiable. The fee for surgical procedures is payable in full prior to surgery. To book a date for surgery 50% of the surgical fee should be deposited. Payments can be made in cash, wire transfer, bank draft or by credit card. Preferred form of payment is a certified bank draft made out to the Cosmetic Surgery Institute Pvt Ltd.

Contact numbers

We encourage adequate and effective communication between you and our staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications, details or queries.

You can contact our well trained office staff at the following numbers- 91-22-6452 6000 / 7000

Our clinical coordinator manages surgery scheduling and finance matters. You can contact her on 91-22-6452 6000 / 7000

If you need specific information on medical / surgical matters, please contact our doctors
Dr. Mohan Thomas - CMD - (+91) 98210 09038
Dr James D’Silva - (+91) 98197 76707

Office timings

Monday to Friday - 09.00 am to 07.00 pm.
Saturdays - 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.

Micro and Follicular unit grafts are often confused. Micrografts are simply grafts which contain either one or two hairs. They are cut randomly from the donor strip with no attention paid to the follicular unit groupings. Follicular unit grafts are actual isolated follicular units that naturally grew in groupings of one, two, or three hairs. In other words, one three haired follicular unit graft could be divided into 3 one haired micrografts.

South Mumbai - Breach Candy Hospital

Monday to Wednesday - Evenings

South Mumbai - Doctor's House (Opp. Jaslok Hospital)

Friday - Evenings

*Doctors are available in Goa for consultations and surgery twice a month by appointment only.

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