Flat buttocks can be because of inborn trait or due to ageing.

Adequate buttocks are important for good body profile and increases attractiveness, majorly for women Hence Butt Lift and Butt Augmentation surgery is very popular among women. It is also known as Butt Implant surgery

Butt lift will reduce fat and reshape the buttock region, Butt implants are made of silicon and have been in use for a long time. They are safe and can be placed through hidden cuts.

Recovery takes a week to ten days.

Butt implants feel natural and can withstand pressure while sitting. While enhancing the volume of the buttock region, butt implants can also address looseness of skin to a certain extent.

Buttock augmentation can also be done by using one's own fat. Adequate fat stores are obviously necessary to do this procedure. Fat is harvested by lliposuction technique tailored to this need, processed and injected in many layers into the buttocks

So if you are looking to get a Buttock Augmentation (enlargement or reduction) in Mumbai India then your best option is Cosmetic Surgery Institute (CSI). You may visit our centers in Mumbai, Pune and Goa for a consultation of butt lift or implant surgery from our expert cosmetic surgeons.

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