Breast Augmentation without Implants (Fat Grafting with Stem Cells)

Fat grafting or structured fat grafting as it is often referred to as, is here to stay. For those who are opposed to implants for whatever reason, this is the only safe and effective way to augment one’s breast using own tissue.

Largely successful in the face and gluteal areas for years, the fat is harvested from the abdominal area via liposuction. This harvested fat has stem cells (as proven by the presence of CD 34 cells) and growth factors. It is first washed with saline, strained and centrifuged and then placed in small aliquots using special cannulas and syringes across the breast parenchyma depending on where the augmentation is required. It is a long and tedious procedure that requires a great deal of skill and patience. This method of augmentation is most suited for small to moderate enlargements in breast size in one session. Multiple sessions may be required cautiously assessing each sessions if larger augmentations are required. Other obstacles to large augmentations may be the availability of large amounts of fat as well as the compliance of the skin envelope.

This is a day care procedure and an antibiotic cover for 7 days is required. The use of a sports bra is recommended for 4 weeks along with limited upper body activity including gym as well as fondling.

A highly skilled and experienced surgeon is required for this procedure as there is no room for error as overfilling or excess are hard to take care of as it is injected in different planes. If not injected well the fat can be felt as hard lumps and the breast does not look even.

We believe at this point of time that the only relative contraindication could be a patient with high risk for breast cancer (first degree relatives like mother or sister having cancer).

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