High definition 4-D VASER LipoSelection is a minimally invasive procedure that not only precisely and effectively removes unwanted body fat but also defines individual muscle bundle so as to achieve that highly chiselled look. An alternative to the techniques of traditional Liposuction, 4-D LipoSelection uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. What distinguishes the 4-D LipoSelection procedure is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Innovative VASER technology breaks up fat, while conserving these other important tissues. Only the VASER LipoSelection procedure uses the proprietary VASER System to first liquefy fat and then remove it from the body – to promote smooth results and rapid healing with only low to minimal pain.

4 D Vaser LipoSelection (4 DVL) uses another technology to shrink the loose skin so as to achieve the toned skin you dream off without any scars and skin removal. A combined use of VASER for high definition body sculpting and Bi- polar Radio frequency to tighten up the skin at the same time gives outstanding results. Unlike traditional liposuction (SAL) where fat only in the deep layer is removed, 4 DVL involves removal of fat in the surface as well as deeper layer in a very uniform fashion. That combined with the expertise and experience of Dr. Mohan Thomas and his team can provide you with the ultimate body that you ever dreamed off.

This procedure is an advanced body sculpting procedure, which removes fat, defines underlying muscles and significantly improves the overlying skin and your body proportions. It can target pockets of fat, eliminating them while redefining the shape of your body. 4 DVL can target fat on the upper arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks, back and upper legs to help transform and improve your body permanently. Liposuction removes fat from the deep and middle layers of subcutaneous fatty layer and deliberately avoiding the superficial layers because if treated with traditional liposuction techniques, the very sensitive blood & lymphatic vessels in the superficial layer may be traumatized and may cause scarring and even tissue breakdown. Vaser`s unique probes protect these blood vessels and selectively treat only fat. That is why it is now possible to safely remove fat from these areas. It is the superficial fatty layers which often hide the muscular definition and so by carefully sculpting these areas, we can give you a highly defined look.

Below are answers to some questions asked on Cosmetic Surgery as an option for obtaining a “6 pack” abdomen:
1. I have been exercising and weight training in pursuit of a Chiselled- “6 Pack Abdomen”, but why is my “Paunch” just not disappearing?

A person’s genetic makeup plays an important role in their predisposition to where fat is deposited in their bodies. Exercising specific areas can develop muscles in those areas, but does not necessarily reduce fat deposits from there. It is often impossible to target body fat reduction from specific locations. Body contouring surgery is the only way by which a resistant fat deposit can be addressed and that too permanently.

2. What is a “6 pack” abdomen?

“6 pack” is a group of muscle which is present in a pair on the abdomen and which everybody has but is obscured by a layer of fat covering it. It becomes obvious when these muscles are pumped up by regular specific exercises and/ or by help from surgery.

3. What do most surgeons do for a ‘6 pack’ creation?

Most surgeons think that reducing the amount of fat to some level depending on their level of expectation and skill will guarantee a “6 pack”. This for the most part is untrue as the fat layer above these muscles have to be kept uniformly thin. This has to be followed up with a structures exrcise programme to bring out the “6 pack”.

4. Does this mean that I cannot get those ‘6 packs’ on my Abdomen?

Dr. Mohan Thomas who is the world’s Best Body Contouring Surgeon uses a combination of invasive procedures which help you get that ‘chiselled look’. These should be carried out by well trained and highly experienced surgeons only who visualize your body as an accomplished artist. Hi definition VASER LipoSelection along with autologous fat augmentation in specific areas, which is a Cosmetic Surgery procedure, along with exercises for that area and overall calorie restriction – often plays an important role in obtaining a Chiselled Abdomen. Many centres advertise the so called “6 pack” body creation but fall well short of the result during surgery. We at the Cosmetic Surgery Institute have been providing high definition liposuction for men and Fine definition body shaping in women for the last 10 years.

5. How is The CSI technique different from other surgical practices?

While most surgical offices stop at reducing the layer of fat over the muscles, we with our superior skills, experience and the highest technological advances such as the navigation system are able to increase the size of this muscle group. This is done by targeting the muscles under vision and increasing their size by selective, aesthetically and expertly injecting fat with stem cells harvested from your own fat.

6. With Cosmetic Surgery can a Chiselled Abdomen be achieved immediately?

Using Cosmetic Surgery procedures, the abdomen can be brought into shape immediately after the operation, but it takes about four to six weeks for the swelling to come down. After that, intensive weight training allows the abdominal muscles to increase in size and thereby appear more prominent. Improvement can be further enhanced surgically by strategic removal of fat from some areas and artistically placing it in abdominal areas where muscle bulges are needed so these appear “plumped out” and give one a chiselled appearance! Dr Mohan Thomas has the artistic eye and hands of a Sculptor to give you that enviable ‘Chiselled- 6 pack abdomen Look’.

7. How soon can I go back to my usual activities?

In about three to five days’ time one can return to routine daily activities – except high impact exercises, swimming and very active sports. After around four to six weeks, all activities can be gradually embarked upon.

8. Is this result permanent?

The result is as permanent as you want it to be. Regular weight training, aerobic activity and healthy eating with calorie counting is a prerequisite to maintaining that ultimate ‘Chiselled- 6 pack abdomen Look’. This gives you an incredible jump start and the results achieved are permanent.

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