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Robert Burton, Toronto, Canada

This patient after much research sought out Dr. Mohan Thomas for Face Rejuvenation Surgery. Here is what he has to say

Robert Burton's Video Message
Kate's says
KATE - underwent a Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Q. How was your experience at Cosmetic Surgery Institute and how would you rate us?

A. I would rate at the highest possible rating. My experience was very good, fabulous. I got the results I wanted. The liposuction that was done was the best thing I ever did for myself. Standards are world class, very professional. I would recommend this to anyone and I already have.

KATE Video Message
Catherine Scott say's

Catherine underwent Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

My name is Catherine Scott. I live in the United Kingdom. I have come to Goa on vacation and while I was here, I had cosmetic surgery done at Vintage Hospital by Dr. Mohan Thomas.

From the first consultation to the aftercare, the standard of care has been outstanding, keeping an eye on me, continuously checking to make sure that I was happy comfortable and making sure that he was following my wishes. The aftercare was faultless in the hospital. The caring side is far superior to the United Kingdom because of the time and the surgery itself is outstanding.

Catherine Scott
Yasmeen say's

Yasmeen underwent a Corrective Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery

Q. How was your experience at Cosmetic Surgery Institute and would you recommend us to other patients and would you rate your experience with us as being a good one?

A. Definitely. The comfort level was too good and I was really happy with the Cosmetic Surgery. After that I really had a lot of confidence in myself and I would definitely recommend Dr. Thomas because I was very happy with the warm welcome and the cleanliness was very good. I would say that anyone who wants cosmetic surgery must go to Dr. Thomas!!

Yasmeen Video Message
Daphne say's

Dear doctor,

I reached back safely. I am thrilled with the results and am happy that I took the effort to come all the way to India. I wish there is some constructive way to say thank you, but all I can do now is to say thank you.

Regards, Daphne

Ms. Daphne underwent the Cosmetic Surgery at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, India. She came to India for Cosmetic Surgery from Wales, UK.
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