Myths about Cosmetic Surgery

This page is dedicated to dispelling the Myths in Cosmetic Surgery
Is there a treatment for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are breaks in the collagen and overlying skin. There is no predictable and acceptable form of treatment - surgical or non-surgical!

Is there a Non-Surgical Liposuction?

We are happy to rubbish this term as there is no such term in the medical literature. Liposuction as everyone known is a minimally invasive procedure wherein the fat is actually sucked out! The term Non- Surgical Liposuction is used by advertisers as a hook for Focused Ultrasound, for Fat Reduction. This method is slowing, non-gratifying and ends up being an expensive affair benefiting primarily the owner of the machine. Furthermore the indicated areas are few and far between.

One Stop places, are they effective?

Remember jack of all trades and master of none! We ask you Is shopping in supermarkets enjoyable or easy on your pocket? The truth is supermarkets are usually chaotic and you end up buying thinks you dont need!

Scarless Surgery?

There is no such thing as Scarless Surgery except those done by our Creator. The fact is, the best humans can do is make them small, thin and hide them in places that are not noticeable such as a crease.

In time, the scars often fade; and us Indians tend to hyper pigment therefore the end result would vary from person to person.

Cosmetic Surgery is now - Affordable!

Cosmetic Surgery has always been affordable for most and steep for others. Difficult cases get that way by (man-made problems) previous surgeries which in turn requires very special skills.

In short, there are no bargains in life and selection of the surgeon based on fees alone can prove to be disastrous! This is one mistake you cannot afford to make!

Ambience of size and the facility is very important!

Ambiences and size of facility may be important but is not factor in achieving outstanding results. We ask you the following questions:-
    1)What is more important the skilled Sculptor / Painter or The Studio?
    2)What is more important the skilled Hair Dresser or the Salon?
The answer should be obvious
The skill, artistry and experience of the surgeon!
A surgeon who knows what not to do!

Smart Lipo is - Smart!

Not smart in general an instrument is only as smart as the person holding it. Laser assisted surgery without a visual control is very dangerous as there may be more collateral damage injuring perhaps skin or other organs. All the safety statistics about liposuction is with the traditional and safe form / suction assisted liposuction!

Additional and unknown risks can occur with newer technology. Should the dog wag its tail or should the tail wag the dog! In this case the tail would be wagging the dog imagine that in 2009!

Threads, Ribbons, etc in Facial Rejuvenation Surgery.

These are terms used very loosely these days and they claim to be the best.

The fact of the matter is:

   1. Threads are no longer an usfda product.Patients worldwide are unhappy with the results and disappointed.
   2. Ribbons- can be used only in a limited number of cases and is not a panacea.

Both threads and ribbons cause severe scarring making facial rejuvenation surgery very difficult in the future. Facial rejuvenation surgery remains the gold standard when considering surgical options.

Vaser / laser liposuction

1) Cosmetic surgery is certainly not technology driven meaning the skill of the surgeon is the only thing that matters.
2) Vaser is nothing but an ultrasonic device that assists in liposuction. both vaser and laser liposuction are considered investigational tools.
3) The safety profile and data of liposuction comes from suction assisted liposuction cases (sal) - the gold standard.
4) The complication rates of vaser and laser assisted liposuction is significant and includes a very high incidence of seromas and burns.

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